Leadership Is the Key to Your Company’s Growth

Leadership Is the Key to Your Company’s Growth

If you have or run a company today, leadership is more important than ever. If you don’t develop as the leader your team needs, your company could fail to see the exponential growth it could otherwise receive. Here are a few key ways that leadership is vital to your success:

Aligning Resources

Strategic alignment is the practice of ensuring that the operational framework of your business is in synergy with your company’s vision. The business processes and actions of your employees must be working toward the overall strategic goals. Strategic alignment cannot be reached when strategy development is considered to be a separate process from strategy implementation. Of course, it takes a leader to set this strategy from the start. Seek out solutions that your company needs to survive and remain sustainable in a competitive market. The best way to find those solutions is to know where the company is going and what your competitive advantage is. Setting goals helps you direct and guide the company towards needed solutions and its overall potential.

Setting Smart Goals

Goal setting is one of the key aspects of a leader that helps your company grow. You can’t hit a target if you don’t define it in the first place. Instead of asking yourself how you might implement a new product or service, first ask what the goal is of adding those new products to your company. Remember, it is imperative that your company is strategically aligned. Keeping this practice at the forefront will streamline processes and provide clear directions to your teams. Provide this same ideology throughout the workplace and create a corporate culture that consists of transparency among all employees of corporate goals, expectations and standards. Employees will thrive in these settings and feel a sense of pride because they stand behind the vision of the company. We witnessed this in companies like Apple, Google and Facebook before they veered off from their original corporate vision, causing some employees to become disenchanted.

Providing Purpose

Employees want more out of the companies they work for now more than ever before. It is no longer enough to offer a comfortable 9-5 job with benefits or time off. You need to provide people with a purpose so they can feel fulfilled while working with you. Most often, people like working together to create something. Your company is that something for them. Make them feel needed and like an essential part of the company team. Encourage them to utilize the programs and services available to them whether it be affinity groups, volunteer time off and matching programs or college/ professional development reimbursement


A team that works together stays together. Don’t just give each department their roles and leave them to their devices. Get involved. Help them meet others in the company so that they have a clear and direct line of communication to others that can help them get projects in the pipeline. Provide team building activities that inspire creativity and camaraderie. You’ll be surprised how much your employees’ performance will increase if they are unified as a team.

Performance Reviews

Employee performance varies from day to day. You can help them maintain a higher level of performance by giving them periodic feedback on what is working and what is not. When you don’t have a scheduled review period, you might have intervals where employees are lost in the chaos of of the daily rat race, either not quite understanding what you expect of them or not knowing if they are performing their duties to your satisfaction. A brief chat can help straighten out any misunderstandings and save you both time and money in the future. This is also an excellent opportunity to discuss the employee’s professional goals and where they see themselves careerwise in the next 12, 18, 24 months. Then use this opportunity to partner them with a mentor that with your advisement will help them to map out a strategy to reach those goals within the company. This will strengthen your team and develop mutual respect across departments.

When it comes to the modern world, you need to be a strong leader for your company if you want to offer a clear path forward. That way, you can cut through the noise and enjoy the top spot in your market, now and in the future. You’ll have peace of mind that no matter what challenges lie ahead you can handle them.

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